Artificial Topography by Ryumei Fujiki

Ryumei Fujiki Spotlights The Artificial Topography Art Installation

Ryumei Fujiki, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Artificial Topography - Art Installation by Ryumei Fujiki explicates, Big Furniture Like a Cave This is the award-winning project won the Grand Prize of Art in Container International Competition. My idea is to hollow out the volume inside a container in order to build amorphous space like a cave. It is made of only plastic material. About 1000 sheets of the soft plastic material of 10-mm thickness were cut down in contour line form and were laminated like stratum. This is not only art but also big furniture. Because all the portions are soft like a sofa, and person who enter into this space can relax by finding the place suitable for the form of its own body..

Artificial Topography by Ryumei Fujiki Images:


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