Slid-Disposable Coffee Lid by Scott Shim and Loren Chen

Scott Shim and Loren Chen Designs The Slid Disposable Coffee Lid

Scott Shim and Loren Chen, the maker of the awarded design Slid by Scott Shim and Loren Chen illustrates, Slid is a drink through disposable lid with an angled design that improves the flow of hot drinks and offers ergonomic references to prevent dir <Cropped>

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Hotel by Uds Ltd. and The Range Design Inc

Uds Ltd. and The Range Design Inc. Shares The Kyoto Granbell Hotel

UDS Ltd. and the range design INC., the project leader of the displayed work Award Winning Kyoto Granbell Hotel explicates, Kyoto Granbell Hotel mixes traditional Japanese techniques with cutting edge ideas and latest technology from all over the wor <Cropped>

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Award Winning Z Temple Leisure Resort

Liwan Yang Spotlights The Z Temple Leisure Resort

Liwan Yang, the author of the highlighted design Z Temple by Liwan Yang explicates, Cleansed for the journey beyond- The project is located right at the foot of Emei Mountain.The design of the interiors is a modernized extension of the structure foun <Cropped>

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Marcelolopesdesign Gift-Self Promotional Design by Marcelo Lopes

Marcelo Lopes Demonstrates The Marcelolopesdesign Gift Self Promotional Design

Marcelo Lopes, the architect of the displayed project Self promotional Design by Marcelo Lopes spells out, This project emphasizes space reduction for package storage purposes, increasing awareness of material consumption and the high «print qualit <Cropped>

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Award Winning Vana Installation

Orproject Creates The Vana Installation

Orproject, the maker of the awarded work Vana - Installation by Orproject spells out, The structural systems of plants act mainly in compression and bending. In reverse we can obtain a geometry that performs well in tension. Designed as a tensile sin <Cropped>

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Boutique Fitness:fit2you Boutique Fitness by Basiches Arquitetos Associados

Basiches Arquitetos Associados Designs The Fit2you Boutique Fitness Boutique Fitness

BASICHES Arquitetos Associados, the designer of the displayed project Boutique Fitness by BASICHES Arquitetos Associados explicates, The gym proposes a different and personalized treatment with multifunctional of last generation equipments and the co <Cropped>

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Store by Rolans Novikovs

Rolans Novikovs Designs The Strabo Store

Rolans Novikovs, the thinktank behind the award winning work Strabo - Store by Rolans Novikovs explicates, High Street brands constantly compete with each other to surprise and capture customers attention. This has lead to a business focused experien <Cropped>

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Calendar by Katsumi Tamura

Katsumi Tamura Designs The Calendar “color Cartridge” Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the maker of the displayed project Award Winning Calendar “Color Cartridge” Calendar points out, The Color Cartridge composed of a date template and sheet showing days of the week. Insert a new sheet printed with color blocks eac <Cropped>

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Restaurant by Devesh Pratyay

Devesh Pratyay Demonstrates The Vapour Bangalore Restaurant

Devesh Pratyay, the thinktank behind the awarded work Devesh Pratyay's vapour bangalore Restaurant spells out, An open terrace on high building is a natural invitation for great views, vapour provides these views from its terraces by surrounding <Cropped>

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Cosmetic by Ji Eun Jang

Ji Eun Jang Demonstrates The Skin Vitalizing Essence Cosmetic

Ji Eun Jang, the maker of the awarded work Cosmetic by Ji Eun Jang points out, Ji Eun Jang, graphic designer collaborated with Jamie Lee, acrylic painting artist, Ji Eun digitalized and changed to graphic version from the painting for the packaging d <Cropped>

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